Junior Youth

What are  Junior Youth Programs about?

  Ask young members of the Bahá'í Faith what  they’re involved in, and  you’ll no doubt hear about helping to build  sustainable  communities, teaching children principles of morality,  participating in interfaith programs and  doing service projects, among other activities.

  Young members of the Bahá'í community are  encouraged to grow in moral  responsibility, often by contributing to  the well being of  others. Many young Bahá'ís do a Year of Service to  humanity in the  form of assisting in social and economic development  projects throughout the world or teaching children’s classes on moral  and spiritual  education.

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Photo courtesy of Alan Smith, St. John


Photo courtesy of Houshmand Aghdasi St. Croix

“The cause of universal education deserves the utmost support, for no nation can achieve success unless education is accorded all its citizens. Such an education should promote the consciousness of both the oneness of humanity and the integral connection between humankind and the world of nature. By nurturing a sense of world citizenship, education can prepare the youth of the world for the organic changes in the structure of society which the principle of oneness implies.”

(Bahá'í International Community, 1992 June 06, Earth Charter)


For more information about Bahá'í Activities in the Virgin Islands Contact:

St Thomas:  sttlsa.bahaivi@yahoo.com

St John:  stjlsa.bahaivi@yahoo.com

St. Croix:  fstedlsa.bahaivi@yahoo.com (Frederiksted)

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In the BVI: surobertsbvi@yahoo.ca

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Island Graphic by:

 Jai Kenyatta-Anderson