Study Circles

What are  Study Circles?

  Study  circles are regular gatherings of people interested in studying  the  Bahá'í Writings and applying them to their lives through spiritual   transformation and service to humanity.

  Each  study circle is based on one of seven themes in the curriculum, which  is known as the Ruhi series of courses. The courses originated at the  Ruhi Institute in Colombia. There is no charge to attend a Bahá'í study circle beyond the price of a course  book.

  Study circle topics  include understanding the Bahá'í writings, the importance of prayer and life after death, learning about the lives of  the Bab and Bahá'u'lláh  and learning how to provide spiritual education to children.

  The frequency and duration of each study circle are set by the group; a facilitator maintains the focus and pace. At the end of each course,  study circle participants are asked to do service appropriate to what  they've learned in the course.


Photo courtesy of Alan Smith, St. John


Reproduced with permission of the Baha’i­ International Community

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Island Graphic by:

 Jai Kenyatta-Anderson